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Marijuana Helps Women
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The popularity of medical cannabis is continuously increasing in the United States. While it was most often used by men for their well being for a long time, with time and developments in the marijuana industry, things have changed. Today, the herb has been found to help women maintain their health and manage their physiological issues.It is for this reason that women are turning towards cannabis for their issues. There are huge benefits of medical marijuana for women from premenstural syndrome to menopause. Therefore, cannabis can be a great source of relief for women throughout their lives. Let’s take a look at how cannabis can help women to live a better life. 

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the most severe health issues. Women are more prone to it because they have 31 genes associated with long-lasting conditions. The number of these genes are 5 times more than men.  Chronic pain affects their mental and physical health. It also leads to other health issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress. These all symptoms make the condition of the patient even worse. The use of medical cannabis can better help in the management of chronic pain. It is also a most common qualifying condition to receive a medical marijuana recommendation. The compounds present in cannabis such as CBD and THC contain anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing pain. CBD is very effective in the activation of serotonin receptors present in the brain and provides relief from pain. 

With the technological advancements that we have witnessed, patients of chronic pain can apply for a medical card online without even leaving the comfort of their home.

Menstrual Pain

Menstrual cycle is a part of women’s life. It is necessary for a healthy reproductive system. Their bodies go through several changes throughout the month. This results in hormonal imbalance and a painful menstrual period. For some of them, this pain is manageable but others find it very difficult to cope with it. It affects their daily life activities and they are not able to concentrate on their work. The relaxing and therapeutic effect of marijuana helps in muscle relaxation. The women feel a decrease in cramps and pain with its use.

Mental Health

The responsibilities of home and workplace often overwhelm women. They find no time for self care. It results in poor mental health in them. This is the reason that women in the world are more impacted by depression and anxiety than men. Marijuana has antidepressant properties at low doses that help in decreasing depression and anxiety. Along with this,. Marijuan shows a positive impact on the limbic system that is useful in several neurological and mental health issues. 

Pelvic Pain

About 6.5 million women in the U.S suffer from endometriosis and dysmenorrhea. They feel a constant abdominal pain and uterine cramping during periods. In some of them, the pain is so severe that it affects their daily life activities. Dysmenorrhea is mainly an inflammatory condition that is caused due to the deficiency of endocannabinoids. The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis help to lower the pain related to the inflammation in the uterus. If you’re suffering from such pain, you can apply for a $20 medical card online NY.


Many women are including cannabis in their skin care routine. The cannabis products such as gummies and CBD oils provide several skin benefits. Marijuana has anti-inflammatory properties that help in easing the symptoms related to skin issues such as itching, wrinkles, acne, black heads and eczema. A regular use of CBD oil or edibles keep their skin young and healthy.   

Enhanced Sexual Experience

Women with several health issues have a disturbing sex life. CBD-based lubricants can help them to enjoy this experience again. It helps in alleviating pain and dryness associated with intercourse. A study has found that the use of cannabis is linked with higher arousal, better orgasm, and more connected to their partners. The use of CBd provide them with more relaxing and and positive sexual experience.  


Menopause is an another challenging phase in women life. It results in  several health issues. The change in hormone level causes various symptoms such as mood swings, anxiety, flashes, insomnia, sleep disorder and others. It affects their mental and physical health also. Medical marijuana can help women in the management of these symptoms. Cannabis has a calming and sedating effect that helps them in getting a better sleep. Also, CBD helps them in managing anxiety and stress. 

Final Thoughts

Women go through several health issues throughout their life. Most health issues result due to the constant hormonal changes in their body. They suffer from pelvic pain, cramps and nausea during periods and menopause. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties that help in management of different health issues in women. So, it cannot be denied that use of medical cannabis provides many health benefits to women. Therefore, women must include medical marijuana in their daily life to attain a complete well being.