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Changes to Make in Your Home to Make it New
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Looking at pictures of beautifully decorated walls, intricate masterpieces adorning delicately crafted shelves, properly equipped kitchen with smart technology and bathrooms with beautiful showerheads might make you dream of a dream house like it makes us. But not everybody can create one from scratch and honestly, not everyone needs too. With well furnished and well equipped homes, all you need to do is a little bit of mending, a few changes in the wall paint, some new picture frames and maybe a new welcome carpet? 

Changing up the aesthetic of your house really isn’t that hard, but that’s not all we’re talking about. To make your house feel like new, you need to pay attention to the intricacies of how well your house functions. Making slight changes to the ordinary working of your faucet, fixing the pipes going around the house or the cabinets that are rusty and ruined. 

When it comes to making your house feel like new, here are some things you can do:

Choose an Aesthetic

Choose an Aesthetic

Before you decide to paint your walls purple or get a shiny golden frame for your wall, start with choosing an aesthetic. This will help you decide which things are the most out of place and what you can work with. As a minimalistic look, you might want to cut down on all the hoardings you’ve got stocked up in your store. Minimize the accessories on your walls and shelves while investing in monotones for your curtains, sheets or even the wall paint. You can even work your way through the garden with the same aesthetic. 

If you’re more of a rustic enthusiast, wood work on the walls and leather might be more to your liking. A rustic setting might work great around your bar or a wine cellar, if we’re being fancy. You can make your house look any way you want, when you have the right idea in mind and the right bank balance, obviously. 

Discard Before Buying

Before you go on a shopping spree to buy things that match your aesthetic, bring out all the decorations you might’ve stored away. If it hasn’t been in use for the past 6 months or year, donate it or throw it away. You must create space before buying more stuff. You’ll probably find some things that can match your aesthetic this way too. Once you’ve discarded all that isn’t necessary, you can start by making a list of everything you’ll need to make the dream come true. 

You can even sell some of your old stuff that hasn’t been used too much or might have a good value in the market. A backyard sale of all that junk might actually help you earn some and balance out the total cost of renovating your house. 

Invest in Your Dream House

Invest in Your Dream House

This could mean buying curtains, bedsheets and a tablecloth of the same color, painting your walls gray, buying a yellow couch or completely transforming your kitchen. Whatever it is, you’ll sure need to have a budget in place to keep you from going overboard. 

On the other hand, your change might be as simple as changing the cabinet knobs. Knobs, hinges, handles, are small parts of a big picture but more often than not, give away how old the house is. At least that’s what happens with me. Everytime I enter a new house or a recently built one, the way the handle and locks work, the shiny metal knobs without scratches or the freshly polished wooden handle, they’re all signs of a new house. 

So what do you do with your old, scratched up, rusty knobs? You change them. This simple upgrade can have your cabinets looking better, especially if you’ve taken good care of them. 

Removing random decorations from shelves and walls and replacing them with minimalistic art that complements the aesthetic of the room can also help. 

Work on the Workings of the House

If you even wake up to scary sounds of someone walking in the attic, no you’re not in a horror movie, it’s just the pipes. Or rats. Either way, that’s one way to tell that your house is old. Getting your pipes fixed or setting up traps to catch the rats is the first step to improving the condition of your house. You can call an emergency plumber in Kidderminster to get your pipes fixed.

The same can happen to the faucet, pipes in the kitchen or the bathroom. Making your house look new is more about smooth workings of all aspects rather than newly painted walls. We’re not saying don’t paint your walls, it’s important to establ;ish your aesthetic. But a new house comes with the comforts of smooth functioning that you must invest into, to replicate in your home. 

Recycle What You Can

Recycle What You Can

Don’t forget that while you might’ve set a budget aside, it’s best to use what you already have. It’s a possibility that a majority of your stuff just needs a proper dusting, some professional vacuuming or tightening of a screw here and there. 

A stained carpet might make it to the final cut of your aesthetic after you’ve had it professionally cleaned. 

Ending Words 

The secret to making your house look improved and potentially newer than it is, is to invest in how the house functions as well as how it looks. It’s a balance you need to make keeping the limitations of your budget in mind. While buying new furniture might seem like a great idea, getting it polished on buying only a few pieces might work just as well.