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5 Beginner Tips to Adopt on Your Road to Self Care
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This fast paced life never really let’s us stop and think about ourselves, what we need, what’s good for us, what adds value to who we are. And so, while we’re busy running around all day, we tend to miss out on the precious moments we could’ve had. 

But you can always make some small alterations to your routine that support your personal growth over anything else. 

Here are some things you need to add to your schedule, even if it isn’t everyday. 


Ever heard of the 10 step Korean skincare routine? This has caused a hell lot of buzz in the skincare industry, leading to an influx of these products into every person’s daily routine. But we’re not asking you to spare an hour or half into your skincare. Not everybody needs it, nor is it the most economical. But even a couple of minutes to unwind, cleanse and moisturize can give you the break you haven’t had all day. 

Whether you’re a student with a limited budget or someone with extravagant expectations, you’ll easily find products to suit your skin and requirements. 

Working Out

Nothing tops self care like upholding a healthy lifestyle, eating right and working out. It doesn’t have to be an hour in the gym or running the tracks. Your workout can be as simple as going for a walk, playing with your pet, dancing to your favorite tunes or maybe doing all the chores around the house.

Anything that makes you break a sweat is better than you being a couch potato. 

The pandemic did you one good – it made so many workout tutorials free over various platforms. All you need to do is clear up some space in your house, get hold of a yoga mat, keep your bottle along(you’ll need it, believe me) and get started with that 2 week abs challenge. It’ll just take you 10 minutes and you’ll be glowing by the end of it (and not just because of the sweat). 


Even as an introvert, you need to socialize. And talking to your colleagues at work doesn’t count. As hard as this might sound for my quiet house worms, it really isn’t. 

The whole idea is to find like minded people, who can add some value to your life. Even spending time with your family, friends and acquaintances counts. 

Take a trip to the hills, get some delta-8 flower strains to smoke and a friend to watch the sunrise with. How does that sound for socializing? 

Staying In

Sometimes, it’s okay to choose a night of netflix over drunk sagas at the new club in your town. 

Learn the art of being by yourself, and happily so. Cause there is so much you can do when you’re not being interrupted by the people around you. 

Spend time with yourself, read a book, experiment in the kitchen, put on a hydrating sheet mask and sip on some of that red you’ve got. 

Pursuing a Hobby

When was the last time you took a class and learnt something new? Or pursued that craft you were so enthusiastic about in school?

You might wanna wait for the right time, wait for when you have some free time on your hands, but there is no better time than now. 

Take hold of your old notepad and start creating what you need to. Learn digital art, or join the salsa class down the street. 

There are hundreds of things you can do that count as self care, anything that helps you spend more time with yourself, know yourself better, like yourself a little more is worth investing your time in. Even with how fast paced your life must seem, you can always slow down to explore yourself as you explore the world around you.