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How I Relax After a Hectic Day at Work and You Can Too
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Everyday is a hectic day especially when you are working in a field that you are least interested in. love your job, they tell you, and you won’t feel stressed or tired. But what about the days you are tired even when you are working on something that you love, well that is very much possible, isn’t it?

After a tiring, hectic day at work, you may think all you need is a bed and peace but is that really all you want? That may not be the case, right? Not everyone is blessed with sleep and not everyone can directly just go to bed right after coming from work. Whatever may be the case, here are a few ways, other than sleeping, that can help you relax and ease out after a long day at work.

Long Hot Shower

There is nothing as good as a long stretched hot shower. One can literally feel all the pain and tiredness leaving the body. It is like getting a massage without actually allowing anyone to touch you. You can feel your muscles relaxing and it even helps you sleep easily and quickly at night. Not to forget that a hot shower after work helps you feel clean and ready for bed.

Green Tea

I’m not sure about you but a hot cup of green tea after a hot shower is all I need. Sitting in the balcony, near my plants with a cup of green tea in peace actually gives me the peace I require after a hectic day. I prefer green tea because of its health benefits and soothing effect. Since it does not have caffeine content, I find it a better option for night time than coffee. You can even have a glass of wine.


After a hectic day I usually have really sore muscles and a headache and I prefer smoking a joint while having my green tea simultaneously. If you are someone who goes through the same or struggles with stress and sleep like me, I highly recommend smoking delta 8 flower. I have been using this since quite some time and it does wonders to my body.


I am not much into exercising and working out but I like to stretch my body to relax my muscles. Focusing on every muscle of my body I simply stretch it slowly and feel my body getting relieved from the stress and tension in my body and muscles. If you are new to stretching, you should consider reading about its benefits and how you can stretch to feel relaxed almost instantly.

Slow Music

Since I have to cook my own dinner after work, I prefer listening to some soothing, slow music while cooking to enjoy the process because honestly it can be really tiring to come back home and cook a meal for yourself especially when you are already done for the day. Music uplifts my mood and helps me concentrate on my meal so that I can cook and have it peacefully. However, I don’t listen or watch anything while eating as I practice mindful eating.

Keep Phone Away

I prefer keeping my phone away when I am about to go to bed. In fact, I simply just put it on charge in the living room right when I start having my dinner and after my dinner, I do the dishes and head back to my room to get some sleep. The joint starts affecting me by this time and I am all sleepy. Just right before sleeping, in the bed, I lightly massage my head for 2 to 3 minutes and sleep.