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You know? In the beginning, I was really excited about this whole social distancing and self-quarantine situation. Don’t get me wrong. I was not happy about this pandemic. I was just looking forward to finally having some time to myself. And I believe, you too felt the same way. Didn’t you?

And why not? With our ever-busy life and tight-packed schedules, seldom do we find any time for ourselves. And this social distancing finally gave us that time. 

But now, the question is: How to keep ourselves entertained during this time? I mean, yeah, we have social media full of memes and jokes about work from home and funny zoom meetings. But these things can get quite boring after some time. So, how to keep things fun when we all are stuck inside our homes?

Well, that’s one dreaded question!

But hey, I did some research. And you know what? There are some pretty amazing things we can do to stay entertained during this time. Wanna know what these are? I’ve listed them for you.

Netflix Night With Your Friends

The one company that is making the most out of this coronavirus pandemic is Netflix. Did you know the company has launched a feature that lets you create a group of friends allowing you all to watch the same content together? The feature syncs up all your devices so that everyone in the group gets the exact same experience at any given time. It also allows you to communicate with each other via text or video chat so that you feel like you are all sitting in the same room, enjoying your favorite movie, together.

Pick up a Book

Are you too a bibliophile like me? Then you’d agree with me on this that nothing in this world can beat a good book. So now, when you are stuck inside your home all the time, why don’t you pick up a good book? It can be an autobiography or a a collection of timeless gardening practices.

A book has all the things that you crave for in your life and more. It soothes your heart, mind and soul. It takes you on some amazing and exciting journeys around the world and beyond. And most importantly, it gives you hope, which is very important in times like these. So next time when you’re looking for something fun to do, don’t forget, the world is actually full of amazing books.

Play a Video Game

There was a time when, just like most of you, I,too, wasn’t much into playing video games. But now, the time has completely changed. Playing video games has actually become one of my favorite activities in this quarantine. In fact, most of my time, nowadays, is going into this only.

Video games are actually an amazing way to keep yourself entertained during this social distancing period. You can stay connected with your friends by playing live online multiplayer games. Plus, it also helps you keep your mind healthy and active.

Wanna take my suggestion for a game? Go for Valorant. It’s an amazing online multiplayer game that tests your gaming skills as well as memory. I, too, am playing this. And trust me, it’s not an easy game. I was stuck at a level for around five whole days and still couldn’t get through it. Luckily, I found Zaros Boosting service that helped me finally cross that level.

Give Yourself a Makeover

Yes, I know, It may sound silly but this is as important as brushing up your resume. No movies, no restaurants, no parties. Pretty much everything, currently, is on a standstill. And we are still not sure of how long this may last. So why this makeover?

Don’t you think this situation has actually created an opportunity for you to experiment? You have plenty of time to try on different looks and perfect your makeup. You can try a new hairstyle, or experiment with your clothes. You may wanna try a new skincare routine, or get yourself into a new fitness regime. This is the perfect time to do all those things.

Pick Up a New Language

It’s not compulsory that you make your quarantine time productive. However, it won’t hurt to make a good use of it, right? So, why don’t pick up a new language to learn?

Learning something new is obviously a time-consuming activity. But that is exactly why we are doing it. When you’ll start learning a new language, you’ll see how fast your time will fly. And that is the beauty of it. You won’t even realize it and your quarantine time will be over.

Furthermore, learning a new language is actually a lot of fun. Plus, there are many good apps that can help you make your experience even more exciting. And finally, when you’ll get out of this quarantine with a new language in your pocket, you’ll realize that it actually was a very good decision.

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