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I am sure you have sent the same resume to ten companies with different skill requirements. Despite knowing that you only have one chance to make the first impression. After all, your resume is the first thing that any company will see. In fact, it is the only chance to show the company who you are and how adept you are at the skill required for the job. So, this means that if you get your resume wrong, you are most likely to lose the job you applied for in the first place. 

You see there are thousands of people eyeing for the same job and if you don’t succeed at getting your resume right, it is quite possible that you might lose your dream job. This is why you have to make a memorable resume and avoid the most common mistakes that people tend to make quite often. Let us take a look at those mistakes and try not to repeat them while making a resume. 

Grammatical And Spelling Errors 

Grammatical and spelling errors will kill your resume. Some companies might even reject your resume based on a simple spelling error. Now, imagine the opening line in the resume consists of grammatical mistakes. Do you think that the recruiter will be impressed by the grammatical mistake committed right at the beginning of the resume? Absolutely not! This is why you have to proofread your resume before finalizing everything else. Simply put, grammatical mistakes and spelling errors imply how serious you are about the job and how much attention did you pay to the process of resume making. 

So, if you want to make an impeccable resume just make sure that you proofread it yourself. Do not depend on spell-check and Grammarly to correct all your mistakes. For instance, take a look at this sentence, “this is the grief overview of my skills”, even though the sentence meant to say “brief.” So, common mistakes like these can happen but you can rectify such mistakes after self-proofreading the entire text. 

Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are important for electronic scanning. It usually happens before employees are handed a short-list of resumes. However, it is quite obvious when you introduce too many keywords in a sentence or in the rest of your resume. Not only this but it will be glaringly obvious that you have introduced the keywords to just pass the electronic test. So, make sure you introduce the keywords naturally inside your resume and make things less obvious. You can also incorporate all the keywords wisely and read the sentence to see if it is making any sense. In fact, get someone else to read your resume. They will be able to provide you with a fresh perspective. 

Incorporating Irrelevant And False Information

Did you know that 50 percent of the people incorporate false information in their resumes? And the bad news is, such information is subject to scrutiny. So, don’t ever think that you can get away with lying in your resume. Instead, you should make sure that whatever information you jot down in your resume is 100 percent real and comes along with substantial proof. For instance, degree mentions. You should have a copy of the degree you mention in your resume. Also, don’t forget to update all the skills that you have acquired in the past few years. If necessary, add things like hobbies. Most often people also make an exception of not including hobbies in their resumes because they solely focus on things like experience. 

Show Don’t Tell 

You need to show your leadership qualities rather than telling that you have qualities. For instance, instead of saying that you worked at a daycare with children. Tell them how involved you were and what all did you achieve. Provide them with the situation and tasks you handled. This way the concerned employer will learn what skills you possess and it will be easier for him to shortlist you for a specific job profile. 

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that listing the roles and responsibilities is fine. But you have to specify what you have accomplished so far. This will enable the employer to get an insight into how you have worked and how adept you are at handling your responsibilities. 

Writing too much text

Always remember that you have to include everything in your resume but smartly. You cannot expect a book-like resume to get short-listed. And the good news is, there are several ways to incorporate everything in your resume without writing extra text. For instance, you can use pointers to highlight your roles and responsibilities or simply add the things that concern the position you are applying for. In fact, we all know that a recruiter will not spend hours reading your resume. So, focus on numbers, short sentences and pointers to be precise and get started on your digital resume today! 

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