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Colorful crunchy junk food or the greed for sugary drinks might appear healthy for every child. But, that only adds calories to their body without an ounce of nutrition. On the contrary, providing power-packed fruits and vegetables will ensure your child’s growth and development. For the simple reason that they are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Fortunately, fruits and vegetables also come with a rainbow of colors that promote your child’s health. And the high fiber content promotes the proper functioning of the gut. Besides that, they strengthen your child’s immune system as well. The following are some of the best examples of fruits and vegetables that you must include in your child’s diet.


It turns out to be one of the righteous fruits for ensuring your child’s well-being. Our green pal here has all the right ingredients that a growing kid requires. One of them being the mighty monounsaturated fats. They keep the cholesterol levels in check and decrease any unnecessary inflammation. These healthy fats stay longer in the digestive tract. So, your child will feel fuller for longer periods. Hence, you can avoid munching issues. keeping the kids feeling fuller for longer times. Your child can eat it raw or you can mash them and spread them on toast. That’s not all. You can prepare an avocado smoothie or prepare a sauce that you can use mix in a chicken recipe.

Sweet potatoes

They are an excellent choice for feeding children of all ages. Be it a six months old infant or toddler. They are loaded with vitamin A, potassium, and fiber. These are easy to cook too. You can cut them into pieces, sprinkle some water at them, and microwave for 5 mins. Let the thing cool down, and it will be ready to serve. 


It is called the king of fruits. It is a rich source of fiber and contains the right amount of Vitamin C ideal for your child’s needs. Some dieticians even consider them great for the immune system. Furthermore, they will help to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Your child can go for raw mangoes or you can prepare a smoothie or jams to make them more kid-friendly.

A Cup of Berries

Vitamin C, a lot of antioxidants like anthocyanins, and up to 4 grams of pure fiber is what your child will benefit from a single cup of berries. They are low in sugar levels. They make an excellent choice as a morning and evening snack. They are excellent toppings for yogurt. This combination is even healthier than raw fruits. You can even blend them in oats or in any smoothie. You can go for any of the three types, i.e., strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries.


There is a range of veggies available such as broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage to complete your child’s nutritional requirements.  When it comes to veggies, the greener the better. Spinach can be a perfect example. It is a storehouse of iron and vitamin K. Go for broccoli, green beans for your child’s strong bones and teeth as they are rich in calcium. Most of the vegetables are low in calories and rich in minerals such as copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium. But, kids are not good fans of vegetables. So, that’s where you need to step up and put your culinary skills in use.  

How to Encourage Your Child Eat More Fruits And Vegetables?

Following healthy eating habits by yourself will encourage your child’s eating habits as well. Remember, they are great mimics. If they see you doing something, they will eventually start following your lead.

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Your child’s taste will change with age. So, make sure to give them a bite of every fruit and vegetables. Here is how you can succeed in making your child eat healthy items. First, involve them during food preparations or planning. You start enjoying fruits and vegetables and they will start embracing them as well. Make unique presentations to attract your kid’s attention. If you can invest some money in buying dogs for protection, they can be excellent attention seekers that can help you make your child eat without much fuss.  And lastly, keep trying.

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