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Sharing is caring. But, we always think twice while giving our food to our dogs. Why does that happen? Whether there is an emotional support dog or a regular pet, we care a lot for their tummy. Giving them human food can be dangerous for them. And this is a thing every dog owner keeps in mind. But, you cannot disagree with the fact that when they look at you innocently while you’re eating, you too feel unfortunate. Sometimes, we don’t even pay attention to them while enjoying our meals. But, honestly, when we realize, we always think of how great it would be if our dogs can share our meals. Luckily, this is not a dream now; there are some human foods that are equally healthy for the furries too. So, let’s have a look at the foods good for you and your pooch. 


What a healthy answer! Yes, you can share a slice of cucumber with your home friend without worrying. Cucumber is good for health, and there’s a lot of evidence available about it everywhere. You must be thinking about whether it is suitable for your pup or not? Precisely, yes! Cucumbers are a complete package of health for your dog too. And if you’ve noticed, dogs like crunchy and sweet things. So, don’t afraid of cucumbers; just cut them in smaller pieces, put them in your dog’s plate, and enjoy the fruity session together. 


Although chicken-infused foods are given to all the dogs, still they want to share your meat meal. So, what to do? Well, not a big deal! Research has proved that every kind of meat is right for the pups. These foods may include fish, pork, beef, and chicken. Fortunately, you cook all and enjoy every bit of them. So, just spend some time in removing bones from the non-veg meal and enjoy it with your home companion. At the same place, avoiding bacon and raw meat will be a good option as these contain salty elements that are not good for the dogs. 

Sweet Potatoes

Oh! You really don’t know about this dog love? Sweet potatoes are excellent treats for the dogs. They love you more when you greet them with these kinds of delicious treats. For dogs, sweet potatoes are a hearty food as they help them in digesting other foods. On your part, keep this in mind that serving cooked sweet potatoes is essential; otherwise, they react opposite and can also imbalance the tummy health.

White Rice

Yes! Yes! Yes! Sharing the table, and eating white rice with your pooch is a reality. If your dog is dealing with tummy problems, then white rice can calm down all the upsetting elements of his stomach. Just cook it properly, serve it on your pup’s favorite plate, and enjoy the light food. Moreover, white rice also helps in cutting fats out of your pooch’s body. 


good foods for your emotional support dog

Dogs love this vegetable. Rich in A vitamins, carrots are perfect for the overall well-being of the dogs. And the beauty is that dogs genuinely love this veggie. Just show them carrots, and they’ll not lose a single chance to take them away from you. Also, Dogs often behave wrong when it comes to teeth cleaning. Giving a carrot every second day to your dog can release you from the burden of brushing their teeth frequently. Just piece carrots small and don’t overdo and serve.

Coconut Oil

People worldwide use coconut oil to solve out many hair problems. So, why do you think it can harm your furry? You must have clueless right now. Coconut oil is beneficial in maintaining the luxurious coats of your pooch. They like the sugary smell of this wonder oil, just feed them with one tablespoon of it. Or you can also rub some oil on their fur. It promotes hair growth and also kills the pathogens on your dog’s body. Remember, we’re only talking about giving them coconut oil, not any other coconut supplement. 

Peanut Butter

Pups love to eat peanut butter just like you. So, don’t keep them away from it, if they’re looking at you, give them one spoon of it. That will be enough for them. Be sure that the peanut butter you’re offering them is unsalted. Also, cross-check it once that it should be free from alcoholic additives. 


To sum up, these are the foods you can enjoy and share with your dog. But just as human beings, every dog is different. Whatever you give them, just start with little quantities to assure safety. Rest, you can rely on the above feasts as all are good for dogs’ health. 

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