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We all know how a dog can fill a house with fun and love. Dogs are loyal, loving and adorable. Having a dog your life is wonderful, they provide you friendship, companionship, and unconditional love. They just need a person who loves them and is kind to them.

But, there are some dogs that people misunderstand. This leads people to think that these dogs are bad. I’m a firm believer that there are no bad dogs. Instead, there are a lot of bad owners, they either neglect or don’t train their dogs. A lot of mishaps are born out of ignorance on the part of the pup parent.

ESA letter

Dangerous. Aggressive. Scary. Vicious. Unsafe.

Many dogs have been called one or more of these words at some point in their history. But the truth is these breeds are loving, loyal dogs that have been given a rap due to bad owners.

‘Aggressive, dogs are not born that way. They acquire the behavior on the basis of how they’re raised.

We hear it all the time – stories about mistreated animals that can cause blood to boil. Dogs are often misunderstood, which can lead to their mistreatment.

A study noted that owners who negatively punished their dogs were far more likely to have a dog that was aggressive to both strangers and family members. This data suggests that an individual animal’s risk of aggression to people should not be based on characteristics such as breed. The behavior of the dog depends upon how he’s been raised.

So, here’s a list of such misunderstood dogs and how they’re actually awesome.

Pit Bulls

Pit bulls don’t come as a surprise on this list. Pit bulls could be the icon of misunderstood dogs.

The misunderstanding surrounding pit bulls is quite simply is extremely foolish, especially when you consider how many misconceptions there actually are.

For those pit bull lovers, they will be the first to tell you that these smart dogs are extremely affectionate who just wants to cuddle and crave being near their humans.

If you wanted to keep your children safe, the pit bulls were the most faithful and loving dog of any dog breed, especially with children. They were strong and loyal and loved children

In the early part of the 1990s, the pit bull dog was known as “nanny dog”. But this “nanny dog” has now become the most persecuted due to abuse, illegal fighting rings, and poor breeding, pit bulls have been viewed as one of the most aggressive dog breeds. Unethical owners and breeders and the disturbing “sport” of dogfighting have ruined this dog’s image.

People have mislabeled these adorable dogs. This label alone is enough for many people to overlook those sweet smiles and expressive eyes.

People think they are getting a protection/guard dog when they get a pit bull, they are wrong. These dogs have a gentle spirit and do NOT do well as guard dogs.

If someone forces you to do something you don’t want to do, wouldn’t you react in fear?

Thankfully, in recent years, new light is finally being shed on pit bulls who deserve positivity for the many good things they can offer. These intelligent and athletic medium-sized, muscular dogs can make a great companion and do well with small kids and small dogs and cats.

They are very faithful companions and they should be treated that way.



This ancient breed has served many roles over the centuries, from herding cattle to hauling meat to the market. Calm, courageous, confident, and loyal, the well-raised Rottweiler makes an excellent family friend and protector.

They may intimidate you by their looks, but these dogs can be gentle giants if they are trained well by an owner who works with them to establish rules and boundaries.

People often think Rottweilers as being “aggressive”. But, to their surprise, the Dachshund actually ranks much higher in aggression than a Rottweiler. Surprise! Surprise!

There’s no doubt that these dogs need consistent exercise and thrives on mental stimulation, but their eager-to-please attitude can come handy while training.

Originally bred for herding and protection in Ancient Rome, this is a breed that might love people more than other dogs. Don’t let that bark scare you, these dogs can be extremely gentle – especially with the children.

People began to see it as a scary killer just because it was doing the job his owner asked of him. People who love Rottweiler know that they’re loyal, good-natured, and love to work.

If not trained properly, dogs can react out of fear. So, everything depends upon how you treat your pet dog.


German Shepherds

This breed is a favorite of military, police, and search-and-rescue teams due to its high energy, strength, and trainability. Humans want them to look tough and intimidating (I know if I were a criminal, I’d be scared if I saw one of these K9’s coming at me!). Due to this, people may be quick to misunderstand these doggos.

Shepherds actually make a good choice as a family dog, due to its loyalty and guarding ability.

These beautiful dogs bond easily with children and prove their loyalty to their family in almost any situation.

So, don’t let those looks or rumors fool you, GSD makes a terrific choice for an active family dog. They are one of the best guard dogs and can be trained to do almost any task.

GSD’s are whip-smart, and they like to have a job. They do require frequent grooming and exercise. They thrive on routines, performing tasks, and need an outlet to fuel their energy and sharpen their intelligent minds. They’re a great choice for a person who is active and looking for a loyal companion.

Provide the kind of environment your dog needs and with the right upbringing, Shepherds are loyal, brave, and extremely faithful companions.


The boxer is an intelligent, active, loyal, and fun dog.

As long as you provide them with enough exercise and playtime, they can be wonderful family dogs.

Boxers have a lot of energy and can become destructive when they don’t get enough mental and physical stimulation. You should only adopt a boxer if you have the time to make sure this doh gets regular exercise.

Just like the other doggos on this list, boxers also have a bad rap due to a misunderstanding in their personality. boisterous, playful, and energetic, their type of hard play can sometimes be mistaken as aggression.

People think that these dogs reflect characteristics stemming their name – a fighter. In reality, Boxers are highly sociable, energetic and playful.

Provide them with the toys, so they can actively engage themselves and channel their energy in a positive way.

Doberman Pinscher

While some dog breeds – like Beagles _ are stubborn AF, Dobermans want to please their owners and are known to be the most loyal and obedient of all breeds.

Because of their strong desire to please their owners, they can be trained to be aggressive in the wrong hands.

A responsible owner is the key, and with the right pup parent, a Doberman is basically a giant lap dog.

As a proud parent of one Doberman, I can tell you that Dobermans are the most loyal and obedient dogs.

Strong and steadfast. These are all the traits that can describe the Doberman Pinscher. What you might not be knowing that the Doberman is the only breed in existence that was actually bred specifically for human protection.

This dog needs a strong leader who will make it clear what is expected of them.

This breed is protective over their family and they easily adapt to several different environments. They just love to cuddle up on the couch next to you.

People even crop their ears to make it “look meaner”, then blame the dog when people became afraid of him. But that tough exterior hides a very sensitive dog, very loyal and loving. One that can have a hard time with anxiety when left behind by his owners.

Chow Chow

Originating in China, the name of this breed translates to “puffy-lion dog”.

A Chow Chow appears to be just fluff and love at first glance, then how can anyone think this dog is aggressive? Chows were originally bred to be protectors and are independent in nature – this leads them to be viewed as a breed that is vicious.

However, many Chows are very loving in nature. Just because they’re doing a job of protecting that ‘we’ gave them, doesn’t mean the breed will only be aggressive.

Chow Chow is one of the less social breeds, the Chow can grow to be affectionate and loyal family pet given the proper socialization and training.

While the Chow is not an easy dog to own because of their independent nature, they certainly do not deserve the “aggressive label” all on their own.

Protecting their family is their job and that’s what they do, we have no right to call them aggressive or mean for doing so. Therefore, if you think that any of these breeds can be your emotional support system. Then talk to your mental health professional if you qualify for an ESA letter.

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